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J Dilla Tribute – BeatSession 02|24|14

j.j barnes - born again front

The Original Sample:

You Are Just a Living Doll by J.J. Barnes

This week we pay a belated tribute to the late, great J Dilla. This sample comes from J.J. Barnes’ 1973 release, Born Again. The sample was used by Dilla on a track called Believe in God which was featured on his posthumous release, Jay Love Japan.


illa (@illa0804 / @generationill)

Featured Beats and Producers:

Donald Byrd Tribute – BeatSession 02|19|13


The Original Sample:

Think Twice feat. Kay Haith by Donald Byrd

This week we pay tribute to the amazing jazz trumpeter, Donald Byrd, by sampling “Think Twice” from his 1974 release, Stepping into Tomorrow. Byrd is one of the first to successfully fuze jazz, funk, and soul and still have each element remain genuine. He is credited for influencing the career of Herbie Hancock and being the sideman for the many legendary jazz artists throughout his career which spanned 40 years.

The song was also reworked by J Dilla on the Welcome 2 Detroit track “Think Twice feat Dwele.”  Many people mistakenly think Dwele is singing the vocals on this track, when actually it’s J Dilla singing the vocals with Dwele playing the bass.  This would have been a perfect sample last week for a dual tribute, but initial reports of Donald Byrd’s passing were still unconfirmed at the time. Nevertheless, I had to pick this sample given that it inspired one of my favorite J Dilla tracks. Plus (at ~5:07) you’ll hear a portion that was used by ATCQ.

Quick Update:

Exchanging Highs / More Time by Hydroponikz, M.U.G. & PMBeatz  – From the trio that brought you “#Unecessary” comes two compositions of a softer, sweeter nature. However, these songs by comparison, are not to be taken lightly as they can evoke extreme feelings of love, lust, and euphoria, with a little bit of speechlessness. You know, the kind of loss for words that occurs when your significant other forcefully hushes you with one finger. That heart stopping moment when you spot your other half from across a crowded room, stunning, enigmatic and familiar all in one. It’s that middle dimension where colors transmute into beauty, personality becomes being, and where the sound of silence is more pleasurable than the finest symphony during it’s most intense movement. Cop the dual single here – both tracks produced by WBS family and original member, PMBeatz.

peace, @illa0804 /@GenerationILL

Featured Beats and Producers:

J Dilla Tribute – BeatSession 02|12|13


The Original Sample:

Diana In the Autumn Wind by Gap Mangione

This week we pay tribute to J Dilla by sampling Gap Mangione’s Diana in the Autumn Wind which was used both in Jaylib’s The Official and Slum Village’s Fall in Love.

On to the next…

peace, @illa0804 /@GenerationILL

Featured Beats and Producers:

BeatSession 02|07|12 (J Dilla Tribute)

The Original Sample:

Will O’ The Wisp by Steve Howe

So I tried calling illa, but apparently the creepy robot lady on his voicemail who happens to know my name claims he can’t come to the phone right now.  Also his mailbox is full.  Last I heard he was taking his model friend to dinner at some Mediterranean restaurant that doubled as a halfway house for latchkey kids.  But I digress.

Back in ’95, a Detroit duo named 1st Down released the song, “A Day Wit’ The Homies.”  Consisting of Phat Kat and Jay Dee, the duo would later reunite on wax 4 years later on the Phat Kat’s EP entitled Dedication to the Suckers with production done entirely by Jay Dee.

In 2001, on a road trip to Orlando, I dropped damn near 20 bucks on Jay Dee’s Welcome 2 Detroit at the Virgin Megastore.  Best 20 bucks I ever spent.  From beginning to end, you hear classic Dilla and personally, “Featuring Phat Kat” was my favorite track.  That sharp hitting snare, the random vocal samples– even the ridiculous outro– all elements that were commonplace in Dilla’s work.  And probably my favorite part of the beat is the chop he used from this week’s sample.

Featuring Phat Kat by Jay Dee/J Dilla

Phat Kat starts spitting some hard-ass verse and then all of a sudden you hear that Steve Howe whistling moog (or at least that’s what it sounds like).  It all comes together in a great amalgamation of sounds making that particular song one of the hallmarks of how James Yancey changed my life.  Unexpected.  Strangely fitting.  Sweet.  Eerie.  Dilla.

Quick Update:
The Weekly Beat Sessions Vol. 1 by thadizzie1 – a collection of WBS classics hand-selected thadizzie1.

peace, @bsoco /@generationill

Featured Beats and Producers:

4U…Dilla by thadizzie1 (San Francisco, CA)

Toronto Love Jay by Hi-Rock (Toronto, Canada)

Dillappines by Chrizo (Las Piñas, Philippines)

The Dilla by Sadik The BEAsTMASTER (Houston, TX)

Happy Birthday Dilla by Justin de Guzman (Manila, Philippines)

Slum Symphony by Laidback (Nantes, France)

JDY JOINT by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

Sentenced [Miuosh – Skazani feat. Zeus REMIX] by Emowsky (Świętochłowice, Poland)

We Back In Bizness by Flava Matikz feat. Knowa Lazarus (Q-York City, Philippines)

Rebirth by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Beats of the Southern Wild by Sideways (Portland, OR)

Frozen in Time by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

His Story by Agent Smith 78 (Chicago, IL)

The Bathtub by The Lone Stranger (Mare Tranquillitatis)

Loose Ends by Fresh (Pompano Beach, FL)

(Un)Certainty by Gee (Toronto, Canada)

Another Song Which Uses This Sample:

Move/Renaissance Rap by Q-tip

BeatSession 11|22|11 (LOZ: Skyward Sword)

The Original Sample:

Ballad of The Goddess (Skyward Sword Main Theme) by Koji Kondo et. al

Aside from playing the NBA 2k series with my brother, I’ve never been much of a gamer. But one of my earliest childhood memories was back in ’86. I was playing outside in the forest outside our house (actually a piece of undeveloped land) and I remember hearing my brother yell from the house, “Ninteeeeeendo!” We did not have any gaming system at the time, so I ran home real excited. Being that it was Christmas, I figured my mom bought us NES. Turns out she rented us the NES console for the weekend. Rented or not, we were just excited to be able to play. Our mom handed us a gold-colored cartridge that read The Legend of Zelda. Man… just hearing the original theme music brings me back. Knowing we only had it for the weekend, my siblings and I stayed up all night trying to beat it. I don’t quite remember if we did, but that night is one of those childhood memories I always remember.

25 years later, Nintendo is celebrating the anniversary by releasing a Zelda game on all its consoles. The most recent, Skyward Sword, was released this past weekend on the Wii console and its main theme is this week’s sample. This week’s concept is courtesy of Blackph03nix. He’s always sending me interesting sample concepts, and this week seemed appropriate given the timing of Skyward Sword’s release.

And here’s a LOZ easter egg: Ballad of The Goddess in Reverse = Zelda’s Lullaby (from past LOZ releases)

Reversed version of Ballad of The Goddess

Zelda’s Lullaby

and had I known this video existed earlier, I would have sent this orchestra version of the song as this week’s sample instead (real mad when I found this!):

On an unreleated-related note: contrary to popular belief, THIS is not sampled from The Legend of Zelda, but is dope nonetheless (and does sound Zelda-esque).

peace, @illa0804/@generationill

Featured Beats and Producers:

Link Joint by Mr. Klimatic (Toledo, OH)

Destine for Greatness by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

Master Sword by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Legend Of Zelda by Bruce Juice (Orlando, FL)

Grateful Journey: A Link to the Present by Sideways (Portland, OR)

Greatness Beyond Measure by NeV (Augusta, GA)

LOZ Tweak by C. Bran (Charlotte, NC)

Roundabout by thadizzie1 (San Francisco, CA)

Zelda by Laza (Holland)

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