BeatSession 01|17|11

Original Sample:

Beautiful Lady by Dynamic Five

Imagine that you were a songwriter in the 1970s. Now imagine that you had the worst case of writer’s block. What would be the easiest way to cure yourself of writers block? I bet those songwriters asked themselves, “What is the most IMPOSSIBLE thing I can do for a woman to prove my love?” In this week’s sample, the writers came up with “swim the deepest sea and find the world’s biggest pearl” or my personal favorite, “climb a staircase to the peak of the world”. I guess in the 1970s difficult really only did take a day and impossible took a week.

This week’s sample, “Beautiful Lady”, comes from Dynamic Five’s super rare album called, “Love is The Key” (1978). This 10 track offering of soul ballads and light funk is a HIGHLY sought out album. In fact, this album is so rare that some vinyl collectors feel there aren’t actually any copies out in circulation. Some suspect that this album was actually a promo album that never actually made it to retail. What does this mean? — if you stumble upon this gem at some garage sale, flea market, or dollar bin — make sure you cop it. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy it for $3,000+ on ebay or on sites like this. Or you can save yourself the trouble and instead head over to FunkMySoul. After reading their entertaining review of the album, scroll to the bottom — you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

On a personal note, i’m terribly ill (in the literal sense). And now that my nyquil is starting to take its effect, I’ll leave you with this week’s featured producers and a huge variety of beats (even reggaeton!). peace, illa (@illa0804)

Featured Beats and Producers:

Beautiful Lady Part II by Alwyn & Yujin of FlipMusic (Manila, Philippines)

Decoded by PMBeatz (Washington DC)

Tamang Gawa feat. Bambu by Chrizo (Las Piñas, Philippines)

Genocide Shot by Agent Smith 78 (Chicago, IL)

Silesians by Emowsky (Swietochlowice, Poland)

Beautiful Lady by Gee (Toronto, Canada)

Oh Binibini! by Traumatik (Las Piñas, Philippines)

Hip Hop is a… by C. Bran (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Beautiful Lady by C. Bran (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Tick Tock by Sideways (Orlando, FL)

Imagine That by Confidence (Boston, MA)

Outta Here by JedLi of People’s Future (Manila, Philippines)

Kick in The Whore With My Love by Dash aka Mighty Joe Young (Quezon City, Philippines)

Heartbreak (Knowa Lazarus Freestyle) by Flava Matikz of Q-York (Q-York City, Philippines)

Beautiful Lady by DJ Spinz (Makati City, Philippines)

Super Macaroni by 25/8 (Miami, FL)

U Cant B Serious (Snippet) by Ambush (North & South Carolina)

Find You The World by TicTac Productions (Toronto, Canada)

Some Nerve by DJ Robzilla (Gainesville, FL)

Homecoming by Blackph03nix (London, England)

Ghostface Killah – Mighty Beautiful by Norman Beats (Gainesville, FL)

Loveleigh Lady by Hi-Rock (Toronto, Canada)

Another Song Which Uses This Sample:


About The Weekly Beat Sessions | Hosted by Generation ILL

1ne Sample | Multiple Producers | Multiple Beats each and every week. Hosted by Generation ILL.
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15 Responses to BeatSession 01|17|11

  1. 1stup says:

    listened to pmbeatz ….. are the acapellaas in the decoded bok … any way that is dope …

  2. DJ Spinz says:

    This weeks beats are Crazy!! and Dash aka Mighty Joe Young finally joined haha Dope beat bro!

  3. DJ AMBUSH (producer) says:

    and DAMN

    we are some BAD AZZ PRODUCERS!
    Im telling yall
    we need to make a BEAT TAPE and push it!!!!!

    2 tracks per Producer 3 mins no longer
    DOPE BEAT TAPE like the old BBE cds (Jay Dee, Will I.Am, etc)

  4. SDM/BoxutBeats says:

    Daaaamn.. Dope beats!! Crazy! Awesomeness!! Haha. Peace Everyone!

  5. Gee. says:

    On the real…I can’t even tell you guys who brought the dopest shit to the table because

    a) We all drop some dopeness this week…as we always do every week
    b) There’s way too many of us on the roster to pick and choose haha

    Glad to see this movement growing in numbers every week. Much respect to Generation Ill for all this.

  6. Alwyn of FlipMusic says:

    Another classic beat session! Great job, guys!

  7. DJ Robzilla says:

    Participating in these BeatSessions is so humbling… ya’ll are so talented!!

  8. CBran says:

    I second DJ Robzilla!!!

  9. 1QuiXoticUmi4u says:

    Wow WBS never ceases to amaze me.. Yall are some bad mutha (shut yo mouf)! me.Umi’s says, long thought engage:

    @boxout: no doubt I cosign. heavy indeed #nobeat?
    @alwyn: love da funky bass line #hottz
    @pmbeatz: always love the layers of psychedelic beat breaks #skillzzzz2paydarestaurantbillz lol
    Btw, where did you say that 24 hour Korean restaurant is? The only (2) 24 hour delis I know in the DMV are ones in Adams Morgan & other on Wisconsin Ave in G’town…fuggan booo man. DC needs to step up their 24 hour services. Holla @ me about dat #bbqmarinadeupindis
    @bambu & chrizo: no doubt, dats how u show em #proper
    @agentsmith78: deep #moving
    @silesians: nicccee #meantrack
    @gee: think I heard a hint of bollywood #biggups2TimHortons lls
    @traumatik: dats rite #4daLadies
    @cbran: beat 1 full of heart & soul #synergy
    @cbran again: beat 2 versatile & “wacktose intolerant” #smilePJiLLa
    @sidewayz: ur tracks r like a 3min novels #TitleAlwaysSuits2
    @confidence: reminiscent of Primo good looks #goRondo lls
    @jedli: sick. dats EXACTLY the track I would hear after… #hangover
    @dashMighty: so appropriate. “Wavin da fo fo.” #ripBiggieSmalls #me.Qcity-REPRESENT
    @flavaMatikz: mad love to my pacific bredren. #me.QyorkcityStandUp
    @djSpinz: i f*xx w/da tempo #MakatiGetUp&Dance
    @25/8: makes me feel like I’m cruisin down Ocean dr on an early Sat morning #runningErrands #MIA lls
    @ambush: my fav 0:52 – 0:59 #fresh2def
    @tictac: you tic tac tore it up w/ mad wickedosity #GoScarboroughMall lol
    @djrobzilla: wow beautiful instrumentals #indeedWBSisHumbling #peace2DJcamaraderie
    @1stup: no beat?
    @BP: I was sooooo gonna cuss u out if u didn’t post a beat. LLS #FanFrDay1
    @iLLaBeans: update needed. Total of 20 submissions, ace boom boom. D*mn I just broke a nail (GoLadies haha). Sleep works wonders bro. Immune system reboot. #areUgonnaCHOPdis1?

    me.F says, GREAT JOB fellas! Know that you have fans that appreciate the unconscious therapy your creations provide. Can’t wait till next week. Maybe some 80’s samples this time…Peace to dat real hip hop.

    me.C says, Go Ladies!!! iLLa that song is permanently seared into mi mente. Thanks. lolz

    me.SELF –> music creators that get writer’s block…ahem iLLa. “A subject for a great poet would be God’s boredom after the 7th day of creation.” – Nietzsche #1 me.F, I wonder who’s listening? hmmmm…

    me.SELF says, We’ll see…till the next episode. Go WordPress!!

    PS Fellas do your part to help your lady counter-parts at home & with da kids. Happy Wife Happy_______ (u got it). Trust me when I tell you that TLC goes a long way. peace out. ~ Frances

  10. Mal says:

    I try to do something from that 😀

  11. Norman Beats says:

    I was late sending my track in because I was away from my computer for a while. I only spent about two hours flipping it and sent it in about an hour ago. Didn’t want to listen to what was already posted until I’d sent mine because y’all cats are SERIOUS! All the beats were dope and the range is amazing.

  12. Blackph03nix says:

    @Frances – Now you know that I know what I’m in for if I don’t send in the beat?! Hahahaha!
    Illa had to post this one earlier than usual (get well soon bro), and I took it straight to the usual 11.59pm timing that I do. Much love, appreciation and respect for keeping up with what we’re doing – your positive energy is appreciated girl!



  13. says:

    @BP me.Umi says: Frances knows what’s up / Lockin ish down in UK / i’m a fan 4 life. peace Black

  14. 1STUP says:

    @1QuiXoticUmi4u ….yeah (sighs) been having problems getting recycle loaded on my new pc ….so really havnt been making many new tracks ..but i really miss it …..u guys are killin it ………

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