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Fruupp – BeatSession 03|16|14

Future Legends

The Original Sample:

Lord Of The Incubus by Fruupp

I say this every time, and I’ll say it again — Progressive and psychedelic rock samples produce the best BeatSessions. Often unorthodox in structure, contrasting sections, unique chord progression, and longer track lengths (sometimes > 6 minutes), these samples almost guarantee that participants won’t chop the same section. As a result, submissions sound nothing alike; in fact, listeners would have to be convinced that the submissions came from the same song.

We’ve sampled progressive or psychedelic rock from various countries — Swedish, Greek,  American, and even Israeli. This week’s original sample/artist adds another country to this list; Fruupp is a progressive rock band that originated in Northern Ireland but built most of their initial fan base in Britain. This week’s sample comes from their 1973 debut release, Future Legends.


illa (@illa0804 / @generationill)

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